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Professional Sales Trainer Steve Heroux offers a number of services to help you reach the top, including corporate sales training, online courses, keynote speaking, and private coaching. His methods are rooted in the most effective modern strategies and have been shared with nationally-recognized companies to bring their sales teams success.

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Corporate Sales Training

Sales Force Development Expert and Professional Sales Trainer, Steve Heroux, offers a one-of-a-kind program to help your sales team reach its full potential. Combining sales intelligence with sales performance, his strategies, tools, processes, and training will transform your sales and leadership team before your very eyes. Steve and his team will:

  • Revamp your hiring and selection practices
  • Complete an in-depth sales force evaluation
  • Provide customized, world-class sales training
  • Help your managers become strong leaders
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Online Sales Courses

Eager to get started? Steve has online sales courses ready to go. Learn how to master the art of selling in any industry. You don’t get better at anything without practice, and selling is no different. Steve’s reality-based teaching and training will get you on track to earning six-figures.

  • Build your skill set from the ground up
  • Learn proven sales methods
  • Become a prospecting pro
  • Master closing without being pushy

Keynote Speaking

As an experienced speaker, Steve knows how to entertain a crowd and engage the audience with his stage presence. He delivers a powerful message every time, whether related to sales, mindset, or performance. Think inspirational vs. motivational. Whether speaking at a conference, annual sales meeting, or workshop, Steve always delivers supreme content, value, and humor that will leave your audience wanting more.

  • Enjoy an engaging, entertaining, and thought-provoking speaker
  • Learn from a decorated sales expert who has walked the walk
  • Inspires action vs. only offering temporary motivation
  • Teaches real-world strategies that work in 2023, not 1991
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Private Coaching

Need a jump on the competition? Steve can coach you one-on-one, providing mentorship and guidance to help you stand out from the crowd. Private coaching is for people who are serious about change and truly willing to invest in their own personal growth. As such, it’s provided on a case-by-case basis.

  • Get personalized coaching from a sales professional
  • Create a tailored sales process that fits YOU
  • Reset your mindset for success
  • Stay a step ahead of your competition
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