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Hiring the Right Salespeople

Sales recruiting is one of the toughest tasks within an organization. Finding the right people who will not only sell but also thrive in your culture can be difficult. We help you develop and implement an effective and customized sales recruiting process to consistently attract, identify, screen, interview, select, onboard and retain top sales talent.

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Our STAR Training Program

Write Great Ads and Job Posts.

We'll train your HR/Recruiting team on how to write effective ads and posts for social media and job boards.

Conduct Effective Interviews.

You'll learn how to craft and deliver proper interviews with revealing and targeted questions.

Onboard With Confidence.

You’ll learn how to effectively onboard your new salespeople and set them on the path to success.

What’s Included

  • Four-hour comprehensive training for your entire hiring staff.
  • Interview skill training and development.
  • Training on how to read, decipher, and interpret resumes.
  • Training on proper interview questions, specific to the role you’re hiring for.
  • Training on interview biases and how to avoid them.
  • Job ad writing, development, and creation.
  • Job posting advice and location suggestions.
  • Customized Sales Candidate DNA Test to evaluate candidates compared to your ideal candidate based on values, experience, and skill requirements.
  • Unlimited use of Sales Candidate DNA Tests.
  • Assistance and direction with creating your welcome message to candidates.
  • Comprehensive dashboard for tracking all candidates.
  • Creating structure/implementation of our 10-minute phone screening process.
  • Creating a weighted interview process to enhance the interview process.
  • First interview guidelines, structure, question sequence, etc.
  • Final interview guidelines, structure, question sequence, etc.
  • Training for making final selections, whom to hire, offer details, and expectations.
  • Onboarding process assistance and advice.


Steve Heroux is the real deal and I am very fortunate to stumble across his methodology during this turbulent time in the marketplace. I was hesitant to spend the money (as everyone is these days) but wished I would have done it sooner… We will be getting the rest of our team on the system immediately.
Brice Lorenz
Lead Sales/Estimator | CustomCrete
It's not every day that you get to work with people who are the top in their field. When I met Steve Heroux, I instantly understood why he was a leader in sales. Steve has an amazing balance of reading people and connecting to their passion through sincerity – a rare and valuable sales talent. Steve Heroux is truly gifted and amazing at what he does.
Pamela Cournoyer
Leadership Coach and Trainer | Powerful & True
Steve is a rockstar! Having worked with Steve for many years, it’s easy to see why he is so successful in every aspect of business. He brings tremendous value with his coaching and mentoring skills, in addition to his expertise in the marketplace. He is an excellent communicator and a world-class trainer. I can’t imagine a better coach to help people succeed in their Aflac careers!
Dawn Suchecki
Regional Sales Coordinator | Aflac
Steve's Victory Selling online courses are a great way to get serious about selling. Steve's approach offers guidance to all levels of sales professionals, from those just getting into sales to those who are successful and are looking to level up. He does a great job of helping you finetune your individual approach, regardless of your industry. Give him a call!
Casey Callahan
Manager Group Sales | San Diego Gulls
It’s not often you find someone willing to help connect people in business. When you meet Steve, you understand why he is a valued coach and referral partner. Steve personally helped increase my network. He has been an absolute joy to work with and his ability to understand my industry, increase sales, and measure performance are unmatched.
Matt Smyth
I was on the brink of quitting Aflac. Then Steve showed up in Houston and I decided to become committed to myself. I invested in Steve because he was real – no BS. He gave me the direction I needed, but ultimately it was on me to learn and apply his teachings. That quarter, I nearly tripled my AP from the year prior. If you want to be a legend you learn from the best. Steve is the real deal!
Seth Rivera
Agent | 1 year with Aflac
I met Steve Heroux through a mutual work associate. He was highly recommended, and she was definitely right!! You can feel his passion for what he does. He is truly an awesome sales coach. Steve has been the sales coach for my realtors, loan officers and staff for many months now and I can’t say enough about him and how amazing he is. He is the expert at taking sales to the next level.
Dana Vo
Account Manager | Cali-Land
Steve is the real deal. He is not pushy and comes off very authentic and natural. We had 50+ people there and the feedback was great! His training is in line with what our Sales School teaches, but there are some really good nuggets in his presentation and I strongly believe there are many more in his program. We will be having him back again!
Eric Westall
Regional Sales Coordinator | 20 years with Aflac
Steve is a wonderful person in all aspects. Such a genuine soul, a ready and willing to help coach, teach, and an overall good person. His tips on building a business as an entrepreneur as well as his ability to motivate and encourage are unprecedented. In the short time I have worked with Steve, I have seen incredible results in my professional and personal life.
Amber Richardson
District Sales Coordinator | 3 years with Aflac

About Steve Heroux

Steve Heroux has built himself an extremely successful sales career spanning 25 years. He’s helped countless people achieve success, earned numerous awards and accolades, and reached the pinnacle of sales achievement in several different companies. Following this success, Steve realized his ultimate calling was to share with others how they can achieve their goals in the sales industry. Having walked the walk himself, Steve’s powerful sales message cuts right to the heart of effective selling in today’s marketplace. Quick-witted, highly engaged and especially authentic, Steve is the perfect leader to guide you or your sales team into the top 10%.

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