Corporate Sales Training

  • How much does corporate training cost?

    Corporate Sales Training runs the gauntlet in terms of pricing and quality. You certainly don’t always “get what you pay for.” What matters most is not the initial cost and quality of training; it’s about what long-term, real and tangible results you get from your sales team. It’s about R.O.I., not initial or ongoing costs.

  • What makes Steve's corporate training different?

    Steve has achieved a high level of success in sales himself, having applied and seen success from the materials in his training. By comparison, other corporate training is often full of old, irrelevant materials repackaged as something new. Steve’s model is based on science and results that have been proven to work for hundreds of thousands of salespeople and thousands of companies over the last 20 years.

  • What topics does Steve focus on?

    It’s not about the topics per se—it’s about getting results. It all starts with hiring the best candidates, and Steve and his team have a candidate assessment that’s 90%+ accurate in predicting success. He can also evaluate your current sales team and leadership team to ensure people are in the right roles and poised for success. Steve can then implement an entire curriculum of sales training, sales coaching, leadership training, and success planning for your entire organization. This is 2020, it’s not about changing some scripts around or telling people to make more calls.

  • What companies has Steve conducted corporate training for?

    Many. Some companies you would know include Aflac, Title Boxing, and Century 21, as well as small businesses and franchise owners.

Online Sales Courses

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Private Coaching

  • How much does private coaching cost?

    Please inquire with Steve. He only trains and mentors a few private clients at a time, and availability is based on his schedule/calendar at the time.

  • What distinguishes Steve as a private coach?

    Steve has had his own extremely successful career in sales over 25 years and proved he has the talent and ability to teach other people how to master the art of selling. He really knows what he’s talking about, having actually lived it himself. This is not always the case with coaches. Steve has also hired his own coaches over the course of his career, so he’s very familiar with all aspects of the coach-client relationship on both sides.

  • Who is an ideal candidate to receive private coaching?

    An ideal candidate for private coaching is somebody who is extremely motivated, dedicated, and willing to invest in their own personal growth. A lot of the coaching is mindset-based and requires hard work to achieve results. Ideally, a private coaching candidate will currently be earning $75-$100k+.

  • How long has Steve been a private coach?

    Indirectly, Steve has been coaching salespeople for decades. As a private coach, Steve has been working with clients for two years.

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