Helping salespeople and companies dramatically increase their sales by teaching effective language skills, mindset training and sales skills relevant to the 2019 consumer.


Steve Heroux has helped salespeople, sales managers, and multi-million dollar sales teams in many different industries generate real, tangible, and long-lasting results.

He can do the same for you!

Convert more conversations into sales by...

  • Reading prospects better

  • Converting more opPortunities

  • Developing a rock-solid mindset


Steve Heroux Will Help You:


Read Prospects Better

The first thing you need to do is improve the way you read your prospects’ buying behavior. These four buyer types will show you how to do that…


Convert More Opportunities

The next thing you need to do is convert those potential prospects into customers.  These three areas will help your conversion rate tremendously…


Develop a Rock-solid Mindset

Dealing with the ups and downs of a thriving sales career can be a challenge, but we’ll show you how to develop a championship mindset in any market…

Steve Heroux is a comprehensive authority on sales success, performance and development. As an accomplished sales professional and sales leader, Steve delivers a powerful and transformational sales message. His ability to engage audiences with his knowledge, experience, and cutting-edge content is even more enjoyable when you hear it through his witty and spot-on delivery style. Steve adds to his speaking platform an amazing ability to coach both seasoned sales professionals as well as the newest sales person, both on and off stage. Learn more about Steve here.

We are a results-driven company that takes a lot of pride in all of the work that we do. Making sure that you have an extremely high R.O.I. is how we ensure long-term success for both companies, so we exclusively work with those who we know we can bring a tremendous amount of value and growth to. We can say with full confidence that every client that we have (& will have) served saw (& will see) a substantial increase in the revenue of their business.